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A Brief Overview of Bruxism

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Bruxism is defined as the habit of clenching, gnashing, and grinding the teeth. These habits may happen while a person sleeps or while they are awake. The teeth are not supposed to be clenched and in contact at all times, and it is ideal for the teeth to only briefly touch while eating. 

If the teeth are in contact at all times, combined with the pressure of grinding, there is a possibility that the enamel will be worn down and damaged. Besides teeth damage, jaw pain, and muscle pain around the facial area can be experienced. 

bruxism treatment

How do people know if they have bruxism?

For people who only experience bruxism at night, the person they sleep with will be the first to detect the problem. A person with this condition is not usually aware of the teeth grinding noises they make when they sleep. Experiencing a dull headache in the morning, sore jaw muscles, trouble with opening and closing the mouth and facial pain may be signs of nighttime bruxism.

What are some critical facts about bruxism?

  • Bruxism can be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol and recreational usage of drugs. 
  • Some people are prone to grinding and clenching their teeth if they are experiencing stress. If they need to concentrate on tasks and are feeling unwell, their risk for bruxism increases.
  • Majority of people with bruxism do not know that they have this condition. This is especially true for people who sleep alone and only grind their teeth at night. No one will hear the teeth grinding noises they make and alert them.
  • Sleep bruxism may occur along with other sleep disorders. Seeing a health professional and undergoing examination is highly recommended. 
  • A dentist can determine if a person has bruxism. The dentist will ask a series of questions, and a thorough examination of the jaw muscles and joints will follow. Changes in the teeth and mouth structure will also be checked. 

Does your partner complain about the teeth grinding noises you make while you sleep? Let Parkside Family Dentistry restore your peaceful sleep sessions with our Bruxism Treatment in Bridgewater, VA. Find us at 100 Parkside Drive, Bridgewater, VA 22812. Call us to schedule an appointment!

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