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Common Red Flags of Gum Disease

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"Silent disease"—the term often used to describe gum disease. People who suffer from the early form of the periodontal problem may not immediately recognize the condition. Nevertheless, gum disease shocks the person when it progresses as it has a severe impact: tooth loss. The deterioration of the gums causes the teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. 

periodontal care

It is vital to be vigilant when it comes to gum disease. Failure to diagnose and treat the issue may have serious consequences not just to the overall oral health but to the general health as well. Although it can be challenging to detect periodontal disease, there are signs that one should look out for. Make sure to call out our attention at Parkside Family Dentistry upon noticing the red flags listed below:

Gums that swell or become tender

Inflamed, swollen, and puffy gums—these already indicate that something is not right in the tissues that hold the teeth. Gum irregularities arise once unwanted bacteria attacks. The gums will try to eject these harmful microorganisms; thus, inflammation happens. The person needs to see the dental professional when this takes place to avoid placing risk to the teeth.

Gum Recession

Receding gums are characterized by gums that have parted away from the teeth. This type of condition tends to make the pearly whites appear longer than their actual length. The culprit of gum recession is also bacteria. 

Bad breath that becomes chronic

Unhealthy gums can be a home of unwanted odor-causing bacteria. Most frequently, the person may experience halitosis or persistent bad breath despite proper oral hygiene and care daily. Bad breath is not just a warning sign of gum disease, but it can also affect one’s quality of life. Visit us at Parkside Family Dentistry to know if the condition is caused by the periodontal issue and receive the necessary treatment right away.

Bleeding Gums

Gingivitis, the early stage of periodontitis, is associated with bleeding gums. Noticing red patches when biting an apple or blood on the sink when spitting toothpaste is not at all normal. Typically, when gums tend to bleed, it means that the gum line has already accumulated harmful bacterias.

Everyone must keep an eye to teeth sensitivity too! Since gum disease allows the gums to recede, the tooth’s root becomes exposed which in turn causes the teeth to become more sensitive.

These symptoms need immediate attention of the dentist. Do not hesitate to seek our help at Parkside Family Dentistry for any of your periodontal issues. We can provide you with Gum Disease Treatment in Bridgewater, VA.

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