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Root Canal Treatment in Bridgewater, VA: Helpful Facts to Know

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Hearing the words ‘root canal’ for the first time may trigger fear to people. But in reality, this type of dental treatment is not a cause of worry. Root canal therapy helps patients attain the best oral health by eliminating infected tissues from their teeth that can compromise their other oral structures. However, it is quite challenging to convince people to rely on the said treatment due to its many misconceptions. The false facts associated with it seems to poison the people’s minds, warning them to not take a chance on the therapy, or they’ll end up experiencing consequences. But what is the truth behind a root canal? Let us at Parkside Family Dentistry share with you the facts about this dental service.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal and Its Facts

Below are the essential facts about root canal therapy:

  • A root canal is a process in which the infection seated inside the affected tooth is removed.
  • The treatment rescues the tooth against possible extraction. It preserves the tooth structure that had been damaged by trauma, decays, and infection.
  • The tooth after a root canal may lose its vitality; however, it can still function and serve its purpose well.
  • Root canal treatment is also referred to as “endodontic therapy.”
  • Reinfection can happen following the root canal, but it can be prevented if the patient will choose the right dental practitioner that can perform the procedure well.
  • The number of hours or minutes that patients need to spend in the dental chair for a root canal depends on which type of teeth need the treatment. For instance, a root canal that is laid out on the front tooth is expected to last for an hour while the procedure performed on the molar tooth may take one and a half hour to finished.
  • Getting a root canal is surprisingly cheaper than undergoing an extraction—considering that the latter may necessitate patients to replace their lost tooth with an implant or a dental bridge.

Root canal treatment is the best teeth-saver as it promotes the preservation of the infected tooth rather than allow it to be extracted on its socket. See a dental professional right away if you encounter signs of tooth infection such as severe pain, an abscess, and prolonged sensitivity.

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