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Teeth Whitening in Bridgewater, VA: Products You Need to Ditch

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There’s nothing wrong in dreaming of having a white smile. But it’s a mistake to whiten your teeth using the inappropriate products. We understand how enticing it is to see an overflowing amount of oral care products in the market that promise to lighten the shades of your pearly whites. However, do know that these alternatives are way different from the ones given by the dentist. Some of them, unfortunately, have detrimental effects on oral health! Below are the examples of the most commonly used teeth whitening products of people along with their risks.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Products To Ditch

Whitening Strips

You can find a bunch of teeth whitening strips sold online or in a specific store. The plastic strip looks safe as it uses no chemically formulated paste that is applied directly on the teeth. However, the downside of this product has something to do with its frequency and longevity. Did you know that it may take years before whitening strips can take effect? Now the other danger is this: The continuous use of this alternative to achieve your desired smile shade may lead to enamel damage.

Oil Pulling

Another natural remedy that most people follow today is oil pulling. It is a process that requires a person to swish their mouth with coconut oil for several minutes. Initially, this practice was first performed by the Indian folks. While oil pulling is a cheap option, the said teeth whitening method can do no good in terms of whitening your teeth. There is no scientific evidence regarding its teeth bleaching benefits, but for its disadvantages, there is. Oil pulling is known to cause diarrhea or upset stomach to some people.

What You Should Choose

If you are fond of using the two teeth whitening alternative mentioned above, you are definitely doing it wrong. It’s time to make a switch and avail of our professional teeth whitening at Parkside Family Dentistry. This treatment not only promises you with the best result but delivers it instead. The hydrogen peroxide used by the dentist is of greater amount compared to the over-the-counter kits. That said, you don’t have to wait for an extended period anymore before you can achieve your dream smile.

Are you ready to own a dazzling smile? Visit us at Parkside Family Dentistry now! Our Teeth Whitening in Bridgewater, VA is guaranteed safe, reliable, and effective. You may set an appointment by visiting us at 100 Parkside Drive, Bridgewater, VA 22812.

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