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Things First Time Denture Wearers Can Expect

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Losing teeth is only good news for young children since it means that their permanent structures are coming out. Unfortunately, after losing the permanent teeth, there is no longer a natural way to get replacements. To regain the lost structures, patients should choose among several dental restoration options that suit their needs and preferences.

Dentures may be the traditional solution to tooth loss, but many people are still availing it until today. Fortunately, the advances in technology made way for new techniques and materials which improved the prosthesis to cater to many despite the modern preferences. For those who are thinking of availing dentures for the first time due to tooth loss, let us at Parkside Family Dentistry serve as a guide for a pleasant experience.


What are things to expect?


For the first time wearers, know that it is normal for them to have trouble when speaking certain words. To help patients adjust, they are advised to practice by speaking out loud. If the prosthesis produces clicking sounds when a person is speaking, it means that the dentist may need to make adjustments.


Dentures are custom-made to mimic the overall form of real teeth; as a result, patients can expect a hardly noticeable prosthesis that aims to make their smile look perfect. If the dentures are perfectly fitted for the patient, their facial appearance and smile can be improved.


If there are any changes in the body, the brain responds by letting the person know that there is something different about this particular area. When wearing dentures for the first time, the prosthesis would feel unnatural. But as the oral structures adjust to the appliance, normal sensations would return. Patients may also experience an increase in saliva production and irritation, but these are sure to return to normal over time.


The teeth are essential when eating, so first-time denture wearers need to adjust faster since it can be uncomfortable. To hasten the adjustment period, patients are advised to start with soft foods and gradually switch to their regular diet. As much as possible, avoid soreness and irritation by staying out hot and cold substances.

Fast tips for first-time denture wearers:

  • Wearing of dentures can lead to the formation of sore spots since the mouth adjusts to a foreign object such as the prosthesis. To lessen discomfort, rinsing with a salt and water solution is best.
  • Patients are advised to let their gums take a break by removing dentures during sleep. Recommendations for the ideal soak to use will be given by the dentist depending on the material used for the prosthesis.
  • Although sores are being experienced, patients are advised to wear their dentures every day. That is to make sure that the proper fit of the appliance will be retained.
  • Keep the dentures and mouth clean at all times by observing the right oral care.
  • Schedule dental appointments as advised by the dentist for them to monitor the state of oral health and also the dental prosthesis. If dentures happened to change its fit, having it adjusted by the professional is best.

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